Terms Of Use

1. The Go earn Community membership is mutual and volunteer. All members are abide by the rules of the scheme Go Earn.
2. Go earn Community Membership available only by invitation or the request from the person to become a member.
3. Its primary term that, the Go earn Community Members are well understood the terms of the membership and agreed on all terms as well as agrees upon changes made in the terms time to time by the organizer.
4. No disputes between the members will be heard or entertained by Organizer. 5. All payments will be made and accepted through the bank account / credit / debit card owned by the member only. Member should not use other person’s accounts for this scheme. No complain will be entertained regarding such issues by the organiser.
6. All Go earn community reward will be given to members after deduction of Tax or levy if any applicable.
7. Member should complete his circle of next level of Go earn community membership within 45 days. After 45 days All Membership rights will automatically expire.
8. Organizer is not liable for any lapses of Internet, Bank, post, courier or any unauthorized elements or persons or any act of God.
9. All rights are reserve to the organizer Indus collections and legal matters at its jurisdiction.

Go earn: How you can earn:

1. You can become a member of Go earn community by invitation from your friends or relatives who are already member or you can send request to become a member on www.goearn.in
2. As soon as you fill the form for the Go earn Community membership and pay the membership fee Rs. 6000/- through Net banking / Credit card / Debit card, you become the member of the scheme and you will get your membership number which is also your log in ID. Using this log in ID you can set your one time password.
3. Then member will log in again with given ID and Password, he will see three member’s spaces where he can invite and register for new members from his friends or relatives.
4. As the member makes three members, all those three will have to follow the same procedure as the first member. And then goes on for further steps.
5. Member will not be able to put himself under his own tree but he can start his own another tree or he can be member in another persons tree.

How members are benefited:

The first members makes three members, means starts his / her tree of members. As three members means the second row of his tree, pays the membership fees, the first member gets 6000/- Rs. as Go earn community Reward. When three members completes their three members, means third row of firs member, the first member gets another 9000/- Rs. Go earn community reward. When the third
row completes their 3 member chain the first member will get 13500/- Rs. as his Go earn community reward. As the forth row completes their members, the first member will get 40500/- Rs. as Go earn community reward. This chain goes on and every person gets their rewards after completing his three members till he get his forth row completes.

Rules of the scheme:

1. Go earn Community Members are joined by the invitation or request. Members would fill all the details in the membership form by himself / herself true and correct.
2. Go earn community Members will complete his / her circle of next level within 45 days.
3. Go earn community Members will get their rewards by 15 to 45 days depending upon the dates of membership enrollment.
4. Go earn community Member will fulfill the correct bank account / Credit Card / Debit card details and pay the membership fee through that mode only.
5. Member will be benefited only through that account from which they have paid membership fee.
6. Once joined the Go earn community can not withdraw the membership or can not ask for any refund.